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Athletics Kenya president leads the family in receiving the body of the late Charles Kipkorir

Athletics Kenya president condoles with Charles Kipkorir wife as they received the body of the departed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport yesterday night. Photo: SportPicha
Athletics Kenya president condoles with Charles Kipkorir wife as they received the body of the departed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport yesterday night. Photo: SportPicha

Athletics Kenya president,  Lieutenant General (retired) Jackson Tuwei  led the family, friends and mourners to receive the body of the late Charles Kipsang Kipkorir which arrived yesterday night in the country at 2100hours via KQ flight KQ577 from Douala, Cameroon.

Tuwei led the mourners in condoling with the family as they paid their respect to the fallen hero who had gone to participate at the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope held on February 24, 2024 at Molkyo Stadium in Cameroon.

Tuwei said he was grateful for the partnership that Athletics Kenya (AK) has had with the Cameroon Athletics Federation (CAF) of bringing the body home.

“The CAF family has been supportive and co-operative in making sure that Kipkorir comes to his homeland in a respective way,” said Tuwei.

The body delayed to arrive in the country due to thorough investigative session that the top leadership of CAF, Cameroonian Governor Bernard Okalai Bilia and the government in making sure that they have collected every piece of information that might have led to Kipkorir sudden demise.

Speaking on arrival from Cameroon, Barnabas Kitilit, the Baringo County Athletics Kenya chairman, who travelled to accompany the body from Cameroon, said that deceased body was held a little bit longer due to the government process of due diligence and wanting to know exactly what killed him.

“I was received by the CAF president who got me out of the hotel and hosted me in his home and was later taken to the morgue where Kipkorir was to confirm if it was him and after confirmation I had to wait for some few days as there were tensions in the country that kept the process standstill for some days,” Kitilit said.

Family spokesperson Hon. Sammy Kipkorir Seroney and Athletics Kenya president Jackson Tuwei makes remarks as they receive the body of the late Charles Kipkorir yesterday at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Photo: SPortPicha

Coach Kitilit disputed the social media rumors of Kipkorir dying during the race, saying that we were fed with wrong information that lacked facts.

“Kokorir finished the race in position 16 and even went to change from his running attire, came back to attend the award ceremony but was a worried man, after missing on the podium having paid for a one way ticket”, Kitilit stated.

Due to the ongoing political tensions in Cameroon, Kitilit was accorded tight security as he was departing from Doula.

“After the body was handed over to me, I was escorted to the airport by the military, CAF top officials and government officials who made sure that I boarded the plane with the body” he retaliated.

Athletics Kenya president assured the young family of Kipkorir that they will stand and support them in the burial arrangements.

“We mourn with you at this difficult time and we want to assure you of our support as Athletics Kenya family, that as the journey to bury has started, we will walk with you till the very end, said Tuwei.

Kipkorir has left behind a wife, Isabella Kigen and two young kids Brimin Kipkoech and Jayden kiptum


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