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The Millions that Kelvin Kiptum’s family will receive from Golazo Company

President Ruto to build Kelvin Kiptum’s family a 3 bedroom house in 7 Days

World Marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum’s family will receive millions from his management as they have also promised to cater for his children’s education.

Kiptum who passed away through a tragic road accident together with his Rwandese coach Garvis Hakizimana, will receive all the monies that the Golazo Company owes him and a foundation will be set up for his children education.

This was said by the Marc Corstjens, the man who manages the Golazo Company which Kiptum was running under.

“We are not just a Company that looks for talent and sports, but we also look beyond that, we look to the person behind it, to the family. We are thinking about establishing a foundation to support young children through basic education all the way to university in honour of the departed Kiptum and his coach Gervais Hakizimana.

Kiptum who participated in three marathons starting with the 2022 Valencia Marathon where he went with the course record, walked away with approximately Ksh 12 million and a bonus of more than Ksh 4 million, for setting a new course record.

During the London Marathon, he pocketed a whooping Ksh 25 million that included a bonus for erasing Eliud Kipchoge’s course time of 2:02.37 with a new time of 2:01.25. At the Chicago Marathon, where the man defied the marathon norms and going to history books as the fifth man to break the world record at that course, pocketed over Ksh 14million and a bonus of about Ksh 8 million for breaking the world.

“We will clear all the outstanding payments, don’t worry. Everything is there. It is noted down. And we will share it with the family. It is the duty and the respect that we have for the athlete and his coach. These are terrible circumstances and we can’t let them down,” said Corstjens.

This will total to Kshs 59,450,000, which excludes the management deductions which ranges from 15% to 30% depending on how the two parties signed the contract and the appearance fees for the London and Chicago Marathon.


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