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Stella Chesang headlines Osaka Women’s Marathon

Stella Chesang doing her morning runs. Photo: File/ NN Running Team

The 2018 Commonwealth Games 10,000m champion, Stella Chesang will be the lady to watch at the 43rd edition of the Osaka Women’s Marathon slated for this Sunday (28) in Osaka, Japan.

The 27 year-old who is also the 2015 World U20 5000m bronze medallist, comes to this race with a life time best of 2:20.23 that she got last year at the Haspa Marathon where she took the bronze medal.

Chesang will not have an easy ride as she will have to get past Workenesh Edesa of Ethiopia, who is the fastest athlete on paper with a time of 2:18.51 that she set two years ago at the Berlin Marathon, where she finished in fourth place. Edesa who is the oldest athlete on the elite list is also the reigning Prague Marathon champion and will steer the ship alongside her compatriot Sisay Meseret Gola, who is the youngest athlete among the elite and holds the third fastest time of 2:20.50 that she got at the 2022 Zurich Marathon where she took the silver medal.

The three athletes will battle with the race defending champion and course record holder, Matsuda Mizuki, who is also the 2017 Asian Games 10,000m bronze medallist and comes to this race with a personal best of 2:20.52 that she got last year at this event. The 28 year-old will partner with her six compatriots as they seek to retain the title.

Japan’s Sato Sayaka of 2:22.13 will tag along Maeda Honami of 2:22.32, Matsushita Natsumi 2:23.05, Kawauchi Rie 2:25.35, Daito Yuna 2:26.09, Takeyama Kaena 2:29.20 as they also fight for the top position.



  1. Stella Chesang           (UGA) 2:20.23
  2. Workenesh Edesa      (ETH)  2:18.51 
  3. Sisay Meseret Gola   (ETH)  2:20.50
  4. Matsuda Mizuki        (JPN)   2:2052
  5. Sato Sayaka                (JPN)  2:22.13
  6. Maeda Honami           (JPN)  2:22.32


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